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Camper Club Schio has stipulated the following agreements, upon presentation of the valid Camping Club Alto Vicentino membership card:


Rosapineta Convention

"weekend" agreement with the Rosapineta campsite in Rosolina Mare.

By clicking this link you can view the full text of the agreement.

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Beyfin B-Box 10 kg propane gas cylinder replacement. in fiberglass for 22 Euros


The main features of the B-Box are:

- Lightness and ergonomics: the particular structure of the composite material makes Bbox lighter and easier to handle. The container weighs 50% less than the metal cylinder of the same capacity.
- Visible gas level: those who use LPG cylinders are never sure of the quantity of product available. The innovative material of Bbox makes the gas level visible to the naked eye, allowing it to be controlled and eliminating the risk of running out of gas during use.
- High level of resistance: Bbox does not corrode, so it will not leave rust stains on the floor of the camper.
- The safest: large-scale tests carried out by independent laboratories and fire-fighting organizations have shown that, when attacked by fire, the container reacts with a controlled combustion, without exploding.

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