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ART. 1

Given the deed of incorporation of the Alto Vicentino Camping Club (hereinafter signed CCAV) drawn up in Schio on 12.10.1976 at the office of the notary Dr. Armando Bonato  and registered rep. N ° 49578, and n ° 7830 of the Coll., This statute incorporates and integrates its contents.


ART. 2

a) The CCAV is a non-partisan, non-political and non-denominational association that does not pursue profit-making purposes.

b) The duration of the Association is unlimited in time except as provided in the following art. 25 of this Statute.

ART. 3

The CCAV supports and recognizes itself in any initiative aimed at promoting and disseminating:

a) of life in the open air, of sporting activity in all its many aspects.

b) the culture of correct excursion-itinerant tourism by means of a tent, tent trailer, caravan, motor caravan, boat, flying vehicles and the technical knowledge connected and / or similar to it, carrying out ecological awareness and respect for the environment according to the correct use of the aforementioned equipment;

c) geographic, scientific, ethnographic knowledge;

d) understanding and dialogue between peoples of different cultures;

e) conservation, correct use and respect for the natural environment;

f) exchange relations between members of national and foreign sodalities that have purposes compatible and similar to those of the CCAV, favoring the assistance and propaganda of itinerant tourism and life in the open air.

ART. 4

For the achievement of the purposes referred to in art. 3, the CCAV may:

a) participate in and / or organize study trips;

b) participate and / or organize conferences and / or seminars;

c) participate and / or organize meetings and / or conferences;

d) participate and / or organize anything else deemed useful, constructive and beneficial to a positive image of the CCAV;

e) to seek out and become a promoter in Bodies, Municipal Administrations, etc. to prepare and equip locations suitable for camping and for the parking of recreational vehicles in order to favor itinerant tourists in normal situations with suitable infrastructures;

f) affiliate or twin with other national and foreign Associations / Bodies / Federations that pursue the same purposes as the CCAV and whose Statute and Regulations are not in conflict with the Statute and Regulations of the CCAV.


ART. 5

Bodies of the CCAV are:

a) The General Assembly of Members (hereinafter signed AGS)

b) The Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as CD)

c) The President

d) The Board of Auditors (hereinafter referred to as CRC)

e) The Board of Arbitrators (hereinafter referred to as CPV)


ART. 6

The AGS is Ordinary or Extraordinary.

ART. 7

The Ordinary AGS is convened by the President of the CD or, in the event of his impediment or resignation, by whoever replaces him, at least once a year for:

a) approve the budget and final balance, the report of the President on the progress of the Association, as well as the planning of the activities formulated by the CD;

b) deliberate on any topic proposed by the CD.

ART. 8

The Extraordinary AGS is convened whenever the CD deems it necessary and in particular:

a) to elect the members of the Board, the CRC and the CPV, when necessary;

b) when an explicit reasoned request is made and signed by the CRC or by at least one tenth of the Members.

ART. 9

The amendments to the Articles of Association and anything not within the competence of the other Corporate Bodies are submitted to the AGS for approval.

ART. 10

a) The convocation of the AGS is called by the President of the CCAV, or, in the event of his impediment or resignation, by the vice-president or by the senior member, by written invitation sent by ordinary or electronic mail, to each Member at least 10 days of calendar before the date of the meeting with indication of the time, place and agenda.

b) The Ordinary and Extraordinary AGS is regularly constituted on first call when the number of Members attending or represented is made up of at least half plus one of the Members.

c) The second call, which can also be carried out on the same day, at least 30 minutes after the first, will be valid whatever the number of Members present and represented.

d) The resolutions of the Ordinary and Extraordinary AGS are taken by simple majority of votes except for the provisions of art. 26 / b.

ART. 11

Members in good standing with the company fees have the right:

a) to participate in the Ordinary and Extraordinary AGS,

b) to propose the discussion of any topic pertinent to the Association, with a request to that effect sent and received by the President of the CCAV, so that, having heard the CD, if the opportunity arises, it is included in the agenda of the first ordinary shareholders' meeting useful.

c) if, for whatever reason, they cannot attend the AGS, to be represented by another Shareholder, in compliance with the shares, by means of a written proxy. Each Member cannot receive more than one proxy from another Ordinary Member.


ART. 12

a) The CD is made up of 7 members elected by the AGS.

b) The members of the CD remain in office for three years and can be re-elected.

c) In the event of vacancy of one or more offices, the President of the CCAV will provide for their subrogation by calling you the Members who, in the last elections, resulted in the ranking immediately after the elected Directors.

d) In case of exhaustion of the ranking referred to in the previous point "c", the Board of Directors will appoint the Member deemed most suitable to fill the vacant position by means of an extraordinary vote; this appointment will have immediate effect and will be submitted for ratification at the first subsequent AGS in order of time.

ART. 13

The following are attributions of the CD:

a) the appointment of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer / Cashier, to be elected from among the elected Councilors.

b) the presentation of the budget and final balance sheets.

c) the planning of the activities of the CCAV.

d) the establishment of technical and consultative commissions to facilitate the achievement of the corporate purposes.

e) the censorship, suspension or cancellation of a Member without prejudice to the provisions of the following art. 23.

ART. 14

a) The CD is convened by the President of the CCAV every time he deems it necessary or is requested, signed by at least one third of the members of the CD itself.

b) For the sessions to be valid, the intervention of at least half plus one of the members of the CD is required.

c) Resolutions are taken by simple majority of voters and voting usually takes place by open vote; it must be carried out by secret ballot when this is expressly requested by a Director and is ratified by the majority of the Directors present and in any case when it concerns a natural person.

d) The Director who deserts the sessions of the CD for three consecutive times without plausible reason, has lapsed from his mandate.

e) The forfeiture is pronounced by the CD, and the President will replace it (art. 12 / c + d).

ART. 15

The powers of the President are:

a) the convocation and the presidency of the CD

b) the convening of the AGS

c) the adoption of all those measures aimed at achieving the statutory purposes and supervision     the execution of the resolutions of the AGS and the CD.

d) the legal representation of the Association in all respects.

e) supervising the compilation of the minutes of the meetings of the CD and the AGS, which he signs with the Secretary.

f) the signature of checks drawn on the current account held by the Association, likewise to the Treasurer.

g) supervision of the compilation of the inventory of movable and immovable property.

h) In case of absence or impediment or resignation, the President will be replaced in the office by the Vice President and, subordinately, by the Senior Councilor.

i) In the event of impediment or resignation of the President and Vice President, the convocation of the AGS is the responsibility of the most senior outgoing Director (seniority refers to the date of registration in the CCAV and not to the age) who will manage the current affairs of the Association.

ART. 16

Duties of the Secretary.

a) The Secretary arranges the necessary acts for the regular functioning of the Association, according to the directives of the Social Bodies, takes care of their implementation and responds to the President and the CD of all social services.

b) Draws up correspondence and takes care of the archive of correspondence and corporate documents.

c) Transcribes the minutes of the meetings of the CD and the AGS, which he signs together with the President.

d) In case of particular needs, he may delegate some of the functions described above to another Member under his own responsibility.

ART. 17

Attributions of the Treasurer / Cashier.

a) The Treasurer / Cashier is responsible for keeping the accounts of the Association, controlling the funds available to the Secretary for small secretarial expenses, payments and collections.

b) It will take care of the closing of the accounting of the financial year and will draw up the Final Balance that will submit to the control of the CRC within the month of February, with the supporting documents.

c) The CD may delegate to other Members, even if not part of the CD itself, the accounting and management of funds for a particular sector of the social activity, always under the supervision of the Treasurer; in this case the relative accounting must be presented to the Treasurer within the month of December, in order to allow its insertion in the general accounting of the Association, each trustee will be personally responsible for his work towards the President of the CCAV and the CD.

d) In case of impediment of the Treasurer, the relative functions are carried out by the President in concert with the Secretary.

e) Has the possibility of signing checks drawn on the current account held by the Association, as well as the President.


ART. 18

a) The CRC is made up of three members, one of whom is the President of the CRC; they are elected by the AGS, remain in office for three years and can take part in the meetings of the Board without a deliberative vote.

b) The CRC is entrusted with the general control of the Administration, the revision of the Treasurer's accounts and the Budget and Final Balance for the financial year; they must confirm this revision by countersigning the Final Budget, to be presented to the AGS, drawn up by the Treasurer.


ART. 19

The CPV, made up of three effective members, who will elect a president from among them, and two alternates, settles disputes between members and those between CD and members. The CPV is elected by secret ballot by the AGS. The CPV remains in office for three years and its members can be re-elected.


ART. 20

a) Anyone can become a member of the CCAV by completing the appropriate application form accompanied by the established membership fee; with the presentation of the application, the aspiring Member accepts the Statute and the Regulations of the Club and undertakes to respect them;

b) the registration cannot be considered definitive until it is specifically approved by the CD as foreseen by the following paragraph "c";

c) The CD decides on the definitive acceptance of the application after three months from the receipt of the registration form and without any episodes such as to discourage definitive acceptance;

If the applicant is not admitted, he has the right to a full reimbursement of the fee paid, without prejudice to the postage and secretarial costs incurred by the Club;

The CD is not required to indicate to the applicant the reason for any non-admission.

d) At the time of the application for admission, the Aspiring Member undertakes to conform his behavior to the ethics that has always positively distinguished the Members of the CCAV.

Failure to comply with this paragraph leads to the provisions of the following article 23 / c.

ART. 21

a) Members are divided into Honorary, Ordinary, Family, Young.

b) The appointment of Honorary Members is the responsibility of the AGS upon proposal of the CD; they are exempt from paying the membership fee and enjoy all the benefits provided for Ordinary Members.

c) Ordinary and Young Members are natural persons who pay their respective membership fee annually and for their entire stay in the Association.

d) "Young" Members: up to 24 years of age.

e) "Family Members" means the spouse, children or other persons cohabiting with the "Ordinary Member".

f) For the purposes of voting within the AGS, in addition to Ordinary Members, Honorary Members and Young Members are admitted.

g) Sympathizers are also admitted to the meetings of the CCAV, that is people who, although not registered with the Association, share its intentions, aims and purposes.

h) Family Members and Sympathizers have the right to speak in the AGS but not to vote.

i) Various Bodies or Associations are allowed to be part of the CCAV, as Sympathizing and / or Ordinary Members, observing the procedures set out in art. 20.

ART. 22

a) The shares are established by the CD, as well as any changes to the shares themselves and the methods of relative application.

b) Each member is obliged to send before the expiry of the social year and in any case no later than March 31st (art. 23 / b) of the following year, his share, under penalty of forfeiture.

c) The Member who wishes to pay his share after March 31st will be subject to the payment of the "New Member" share.

ART. 23

The status of member of the CCAV is lost:

a) for resignation with a signed letter or sent by registered letter to the CD.

b) for forfeiture or arrears after three months from the expiry of the financial year without having renewed with the payment of the amount due (art. 22 / b).

c) for expulsion pronounced by the CD as a consequence of non-compliance with the Statute and / or Regulations or for serious reasons. In the latter situation, the Member can appeal within 30 days from the date of receipt of the communication of the provision to the CPV with a written and motivated appeal; the CPV will report expressing its opinion in writing on the case.

d) In any case, the recurring member removed must be considered suspended from all activities carried out in the name and on behalf of the CCAV.


ART. 24

The assets of the Association consist of real estate and movable assets of which the CCAV becomes the owner in any capacity, as well as of all the values of which the CCAV has full availability and finally of the shares and contributions paid by the Members as well as by Entities or individuals and any other income.


ART. 25

a) The eventual dissolution of the CCAV is deliberated by the AGS expressly convened according to the norms of the articles 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

b) At least 2/3 of the registered Members with voting rights must participate in the vote and the resolution must obtain the favorable vote of the absolute majority of voters.

c) The AGS established as above, decides on the liquidation procedures, the destination of the assets and appoints a liquidator.

d) The CRC in office at the time of liquidation exercises its functions until the end of the related operations.


ART. 26

The social and financial year begins on the first day of January and ends on the thirty-first December of each year.


ART. 27

-a) This Statute will be integrated within one year of its approval by a Regulation to be issued by the CD.

-b) The Regulations will be immediately implemented and will be subject to ratification at the first AGS following the issue of the Regulations; the AGS has the right to approve, reject, modify the Regulations subjected to ratification.

ART. 28

For anything not provided for in this Statute, the rules of mutual respect, peaceful democratic coexistence and those of the Civil Code Books I ° Title I ° Chap. II ° apply.

Resolved in the Extraordinary General Meeting of Members on January 18, 2006.


  • The President of the Assembly                      Restello Mario

  • The Secretary of the Assembly                       Anzolin Annamaria

The outgoing President of the CCAV (or whoever takes his place):        Schiavon Flavio

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