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Who we are


The Alto Vicentino Camping Club's main purpose is to promote,
in collaboration with the Administrations, the Mountain Communities and the Pro Loco, lo
tourism development in the Alto Vicentino belt, encouraging itinerant tourism.
We are convinced that for the future of living in the open air it is not enough to show
who we are, but show how we are and what leisure culture we are capable of
to propose.



The plen-air is not an abstract entity, but a culture of life that everyone expresses in reality
tourism, the maturation of which passes through the conscience and action of those who practice it,
with a precise program that clearly identifies its qualifying points.
We of the Alto Vicentino Club see a set of rules in itinerant tourism
behavioral and we try to demonstrate it by asking, where possible, the realization of
areas equipped for plen-air in landscaped interesting places, convinced not to
not even visually pollute an environment that has not yet been man-made.



In this way we hope to make a decisive contribution to making people known, appreciated and loved
the history of our valleys and mountains, a precious and irreplaceable life lesson for us e
for all those who seek peace, silence and culture in these places.
We do not believe it is necessary to organize conferences or draw up large projects: drawing
organizational born from the love of our land and from the understanding that the plen-air is tourism
open to civil values, to the needs of the people, to respect for places.
If all this is shared by you, we will be happy to welcome you among us.

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